Will your senator’s paycheck bounce?

Never fear, Congress is here!

“Many have argued that if our nations politicians cannot resolve the debt ceiling issue they should be the first to stop getting paid. However this is unlikely since Congress and the President’s administration are considered an essential, top priority function so would be amongst the last groups to stop receiving payments”

So, even though they threaten to stop Grandma’s social security and let the airplanes run into each other in the skies, you won’t have to worry about your beloved Congress Person or POTUS going hungry! Isn’t that great? Your doctor will have to wait until Hell freezes over to get paid. Little Johnny won’t be able to go to school because Corporate Fat Cats are flying in their private jets high above the clutter.

But you can be certain Air Force One will be able to jet His Impotence and the FL to far-away places.

Isn’t wonderful to know how little pain and suffering your Elected Official will have to endure because Congress has so far been able to go more than EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY DAYS (under both Democratic and Republican control) without ever being able to even pass a budget to fund the Government?

Several times a week I look in the mirror and say, “Why bother?” Then, I think about the futures of my children and grand children that this Useless POTUS and congress have brought upon us. And I know exactly why I bother.

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