How to save a quick $35,000

I see that POTUS Nobamas The  Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey, he who has yet to provide any one anywhere any kind of a plan of action to put our Country back on it’s feet, is to going to have a BirthDay Bash, but not on his birthday. He will have it on the same day he claims he has to screw over Seniors by not guaranteeing their SS checks will be in the mail.

He will have it in Chicago, obviously so the gangsters there will not have to fly home after droppong 38,500 to have dinner at his table.

Here is a real deal for you. I will have a belated birthday dinner at a wonderful, exclusive little Italian Restaurante located on the north end of Houston. We can have a Wonderful Dinner, Delicious Desert, and then have a Cheerful Time playing my Special Edition Pin The Tail On The Donkey game.

All participants will recieve my Special Donkey Commemorative T-Shirt, no extra charge.

Sign up now for only $500 per person, and save $38,000 plus airfare.

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