Get reday! Get set! GO! (to jail, that is)

Yes, we all know about the looming Manufactured Crisis the Impotent Imposter is initiating by telling you Grandma won’t get her money if he does not get reelected, or something like that. Or that Bush is responsible for the National Debt that is being increased by more than $4 Billion Dollars Per Day by our Reader in the White House.

Now, here are some that really may BE Bush’s fault.

No, we did not know (at least until today) that beginning sometime in 2012, it will be a violation of Federal Law to use a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. Use only lower wattage (not more than 60 watt). You could be fined or go to jail. Applies to ALL wattages of bulbs, including those little 20-watt refrigerator bulbs after 2014. Do you really want Mercury Fluorescent bulbs in your refrigerator, setting over your food? How about in your oven?

No, we did not know (at least until today) that those wonderful Mercury Vapor Fluoresecnt  bulbs the Gov. is requiring us to put in our homes have been outlawed since 2008 for use in outdoor lighting (like street lights) because they can pollute the environment. Keep it in the kitchen. Keep it in the bedroom. Keep it in the children’s play areas. Just don’t let it outside, that is a violation of Federal Law. You could be fined or go to jail for putting these hazardous bulbs in your porch or driveway light.

And you trust the Gov to run your Health Care? You gotta be nuts.

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