President Kennedy was a WWII veteran. He also was a Catholic and a Democrat.

According to my dad and grandparents, he had 2 strikes against him before he ever got to the election. My Grandmother had conclusive proof the Pope was moving into the Lincoln Bedroom. My dad said that after Ol’ Harry (as)S Truman, the last thing this country needed was another Democrat.

Granted, he did act like a typical Democrat in that he screwed up the Bay of Pigs invasion. In spite of that, he did get the Communist missiles out of Cuba. He believed in personal achievement, not the New Deal Welfare State. He believed in America.

He also threw out a great challenge to our country. He really pushed the space program. Overall, the entire world has benefitted from 1000’s of new products, has a technology that was barely a dream of Flash Gordon. Without the early development of our space program, you would still be using Rand-McNally, not Garmin to find your way to unknown places. Without the early development of our space program, you would not have DirecTV or Dish Network. Without the early development of our space program, we would not have the American flag planted on the moon. Without the early development of our space program, you would not have something as basic as a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

We now have another “first” in a Democratic President.

He is not a veteran. He is not Catholic, Baptist, or a member of any other know Christian church. He is not really even a Democrat. He is an Ultra-Liberal Progressive Socialist who is bound to destroy all freedom everywhere so we can have world-wide slavery and despotism, just like in so much of the Middle East. He believes that all who donated to his campaign get special treatment and to-hell with everyone else, especially the taxpaying Americans who worked so hard to make this the greatest Country the world has ever known.

Unfortunately, he is not even eligible to be president, has no love for America and is doing his best to turn our Great Sovereign Country into a third-world dictatorship.

He ended our space program today. Unlike President Kennedy, POTUS 0bama, the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey and Prevaricating Usurper, decided that rather than tell Russia where to put their missiles, we will stand on the side of the road with our thumb out, kinda like the hairy dirty bums we see looking for a free ride to nowhere.

One more stab in the heart of America. One more reason to throw this particular hairy dirty bum out of office.

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