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Pawlenty Benefits from Gingrich Meltdown

Former Gov. Sonny Purdue switches endorsement from Gingrich to Pawlenty. Hey, Gov, “if you was wrong once, why should we think you isn’t now?”

Tax Payers on hook for Retiree costs for Federal Contractors

While y’all are reveling in discovery of another rip-off, how about this one? When a contractor loses a service contract to the Federal Govt., the NEW CONTRACTOR is REQUIRED to keep the old contractor’s employees at the same or higher wage rate, with the same or better benefits.

Chicago Cop Feels Up Victim, Then Slips Her His Phone Number.

Hey, I grew up near Chicago. Back then, if all the cop slipped her was a phone number, he would have been laughed off the force! L On the serious side, while not exactly police brutality like we have seen in other cities like Los Angeles, inappropriate action is just not acceptable in any form from anyone anywhere.

Leon Panetta Linked to Communist Spies

Well, that does go back to 1986 when the guy died, so may not be a real big deal. The fact that in the 80’s he addressed a letter or 2 to “Dear Hugh” is no big deal. Even though I may have sent Hugh Heffner a letter or 2 that started out “Dear Hugh,” I am not now and never was a pervert.

Highly Toxic Tar Sand And Girl Scout Cookies

Change.org thinks you need to stop more oil coming from North America. According to a recent email, they think TransCanada will build a leaky pipeline to pollute pristine areas like, well, they really do try to scare you that all of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana will be utterly destroyed by black sand. Hmmm, maybe, just maybe, we could have some leak into the change.org spam mail servers? In other news from these same great people, they informed me that Girl Scout Cookies are destroying the tropical rain forests and harming the global ecosystem and endangering local indigenous populations. I can’t wait for the next amazing revelations from the global idiots.

If I can’t heat my house with American Oil and I can no longer feel good about Girl Scout Cookies, what is left?

I guess for safety sake, the only thing I can have around me is marshmallows. Here is how I plan to enjoy them.

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