I love my candidate

National statistics for both parties remind us that the potential to be reelected is much greater than the potential to get elected in the first place. This, is in spite of the fact that most all voters want the scoundrels thrown out either because they are too liberal or too conservative. In fact, snakes and cockroaches are normally rated as more trustworthy and liked better than the average congress person, senator, president or most any politician in general.

There are 1000’s of statistics published as to why incumbents are reelected, and reams of rhetoric expounding on the rules and regulations that are written to favor the incumbent.

I, your esteemed blogger have boiled it down to the basics as to why we keep reelecting slime and crooks.

MY congressman is a concerned, caring and honorable gentleperson who looks out for his constituents.

YOURS, on the other hand, sucks.


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