Hate and Discontent

“Barbie is a Serial Killer.” “Zombie Protesters Interrupt Special Olympics.” “The quote-zombies vary in location, gender and complexion, but if you just read their words, they all look the same.” Weiner is a weenie. He needs to go home. Us Govt. has 62 trillion dollars in unpaid promises. We are going to hell in a hand-basket.

Seems that no matter where we look, someone hates somebody. In a big way. Everybody is telling you that it is time to draw a line in the sand. Only problem here is that they want the line in their own sandbox. Not yours, not someone else’s and most certainly not in any sand that might accidently be located in a zone of reason and common sense.

So, 17 months from Nov. 6, 2012 here we are conspiring to hate each other, not get any issues resolved and let our Government go on and on and on in its course of self-destruction.

Like lemmings, Democrats are marching in lockstep following their leader of the cliff.

Like chickens with their heads cut off, Republicans are running around in circles, clueless and leaderless.

The Democrats have no problem with who to nominate for 2012 president. N0bama and his no-leadership-back the unions-hate business-spend us into oblivion buddies. Party, Party, Party (not as in political, but as the Eagles “Hotel California”.)

Republicans? Well, lets see

  • Mitt Romney lost the nomination to the 2nd place candidate in a 2-man race. Gave birth to RomneyCare, just a localized version of ObamaScare. Liberal and slick, oh yeah.

  • Rick Santorum, defeated for re-election by a wider margin than any incumbent in over 100 years. Now running on the slogan Back a Loser? Comments from contemporaries included “the mental capacity of a slug, leadership abilities slightly less than mental capacity.

  • Tim Pawlenty looks pretty good, but so far is a non-starter.

  • Herman Cain, probably the best-qualified candidate running. Big problem, though is when you hear him speak, you want to join his church or tune into the Herman Cain Show, not vote for him.

  • Newt Gingrich, dismissed after his marital affairs were exposed, gone for 13 years and oh-so-desperately wanting to be relevant once again.

  • Gary Johnson is the best choice for the liberal republican atheist progressive crowd.

  • Fred Karger running on the “San Francisco politics are for everybody” platform

  • Ron Paul – Ho-Hum back again

  • and in the Un-Declared field? Bachmann, Palin, Bolton, Brown, Giuliani, Lindsy Graham, Huntsman, Perry, West.

Had enough? Maybe even too much? Yeah, I know the feeling.

Let us all stand back and watch the games. See who falls by the wayside. Keep our eyes open looking for a conservative leader that we feel can 1) lead and 2) is not a corrupted politician looking to get back into the spotlight and saying what ever it takes to get elected.

Democrats lose on both counts. Their “leader” is not. Their leader is a corrupt politician that will tell you anything to stay in power.

My call? None for now, but hopefully those who will quickly go away are Huntsman, Graham, Giuliani, Paul and tied for first place go-away-leave-me-alone award Gingrinch and Santorum.

If we end up with Mr. so-far-number-one Romney, he seems to be the best candidate positioned to lose to Obama.

Stay tuned for more meanderings, and remember to support the conservative non-incumbents for our 2nd biannual throw-the-bastards-out day coming to a voter booth near you in early Nov. 2012

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