Did’ja ever feel …

… that you might be just a little “out of touch”?

Headlines in this morning’s crop of newsletters include

  • Virtual Rooms for Distance Learning
  • Best Practices for CMOs
  • Tax small business more so Govt. doesn’t shrink
  • Time Magazine will celebrate 4th of July with shredded Constitution
  • Ron Paul And Barney Frank Introduce Bill To End Pot Prohibition
  • Hillary Clinton Questions Congress’s Patriotism Over Libya

Headlines from the Huh? What did they just say? department

  • China’s peaceful rise is unique to its own circumstances and is not based on looting, plundering and invading
  • China, on Obama’s troop withdrawal plan for Afghanistan: “The political significance has outweighed the military significance.”

The first 2 up there are high-tech mumbo-jumbo nonsense. As to the others? They are just tripe to make you believe you are out of the loop.

I am not out of the loop. I am just not going to participate in the stupidity and business as usual mentality of the Washington Elite. I have a much better plan.

If you support NoBama or NoPaul, or anyone in between, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Our country is facing many severe problems. The answers do not always call for compromise with those who would do nothing, or worse, promote more of the same, causing our country to go deeper and deeper into the hole we have dug.

Here is a solution. No Compromise. No bending our beliefs, no abandoning our moral positions. There is no room left in this country for compromise. And, as long as Eric Cantor, John Boehner and any other congress persons or senators believe we can compromise, they cannot and should not be considered for reelection.

Look for the candidates in your area that believe as you do that this country has had enough government intrusion into your life and your pocket book. Help that candidate get nominated in the primaries. Then, help that candidate get elected.

The larger the number of  bastards currently in office that lose the general election, the quicker we will get back control of the government.

Remember to support the conservative non-incumbents for our 2nd biannual throw-the-bastards-out day coming to a voter booth near you in early Nov. 2012

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