"a moment of truth" in crisis

BBC headlines this morning claimed that Greece faces a “moment of truth” in their financial crisis.

Well, I got news for ya’ folks, the US is facing if not a “moment of truth”, at least a “moment of realization” for the unwashed that blindly follow the Usurping Prevaricator aka POTUS. One cannot be so stupid as to not realize that Mr. Obama is doing his best to subvert the Law of Congress and the United States Constitution. His latest effort to give “executive amnesty” is just one more step too far. Not that he has not already taken many steps too far on other matters. Here are just a few I recall from recent news stories.

  1. furnished falsified birth records
  2. refused to release school, medical or financial records from his “law” practice.
  3. refused to comply with federal laws regarding Medicare financial planning requirements
  4. engaged in warfare with Libya without congressional approval
  5. bowed and kowtowed to foreign kings, disgracing The Sovereign United States of America
  6. kissed ass of his contributors, playing favorites with Unions and other large contributors
  7.  has done his best to destroy American Energy, instead furnishing money to Brazil and telling them we will be their greatest customer while preventing domestic off shore drilling
  8. has permitted Cuba to lease off-shore areas that US companies are prohibited from drilling in by virtue of US regulations to oil and gas companies based in Spain, Norway, India, Malaysia, Venezuela, Vietnam and Brazil. China currently has oil leases on Cuban soil, but not off-shore. Yet.
  9. has had his Justice Dept. sue states to prevent them from forcing the Federal Government to uphold Federal Law.
  10. has refused to defend our borders from illegal intrusion
  11. has consistently spent our Federal Tax Dollars for his own reelection campaign fund raising junkets
  12. has consistently appointed “Czars” to circumvent congressional approval while appointing radical progressive socialists to “supervise” the destruction of American society
  13. has increased the Federal Debt by a larger amount than that spent by the entire federal government from its inception up through WWII.
  14. has no plan for ending hostilities in Afghanistan or Iraq, with no firm goals for this or any other foreign policy objectives
  15. has subverted our Military by attempting to cut medical benefits, limit numbers, and force them to accept orders from foreign authority (NATO, if you are in doubt)
  16. has supported initiatives from the United Nations that would allow the UN to control certain legal actions in our county.
  17. has all but thrown Israel under the bus
  18. did throw Poland and other former Eastern Block countries under the bus when he cancelled promised missile defenses in Eastern Europe.
  19. has stolen private corporate property for the Gvoernment, and favored unions over private bond holders
  20. has used the threat of govt. leagal intrusion to bully Soveign States, insurance companies and banks to bow to his demands.

Need I go on? I can, but what is the point?

Now, a little prediction.

This usurping prevaricator has an incredibly slim chance of surviving reelection. However, you can expect him to do anything to remain in power.

I predict that if we do not remove this Scourge to the American Way of Life, you can look for a terrorist attack or home-grown uprising causing a “National Emergency Requiring War-Powers Act” declaration of martial law, thereby using Government intervention to attempt to guarantee his reelection, or an outright attempt to cancel or “postpone” our 2012 elections to allow this thief of Our Liberty and Freedoms to remain in power similar to the slime he bows to in the enslaved and dictator-run countries of the world.

We must force our congress to initiate legal action to remove this person from the White House, either through Impeachment or just out-right ejection as an illegal occupant who was not Constitutionally permitted to run for President of the United States.

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