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Last year, eleven employees of Foxconn (the Chinese compmany that manufactures all the Apple iPhones) committed suicide by jumping to their deaths from factory windows. In an effort to provide safer working conditions, the photo at the right  shows the three million square meters of mesh netting wrapped around the building to catch jumpers. Other substantial benefits include a 24-hour counseling center staffed by 100 trained workers and, hold your breath for this one! They hired Burson-Marstellar to help devise a formal public-relations strategy. This dynamic new program is certain to make this just a wonderful place to work!

Considering all the fine worker improvements noted above, you can see that Foxconn’s partners–Apple, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft are showing demonstrable care and concern for workers as well as supporting  POTUS Global Initiative efforts to create a New World Economy by leading in New and Innovative Ways to “share the wealth.”

It is time to stop buying products made with slave labor. It is time for “incentives” for these and many other companies to move manufacturing back home, using American workers in American plants.

Let’s all show our appreciation for the wonderful efforts of our current government efforts to destroy our economy, our Nation and steal our Freedoms.  Get out the vote for our next bi-annual throw the bastards out of office day. Coming soon to a polling place near you in early Nov. 2012.

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