Not his real name.

I have come to firmly believe that our black potus (sorry, not allowed by the popular press to acknowledge that POTUS is a 50/50 mix) is not Hawaiian as he claims or from Kenya as many claim, but is really just from (way) South Finland

Now that I have insulted both Afikaners and Finlanders, let me explain before you all put me in a Viking ship and sail it flaming into the sunset.

1. POTUS gives a “budget” to Congress that freezes spending at an elevated level, promising to save trillions by not increasing next year’s budget. Now the conservatives are really upset and call him irresponsible.

2. POTUS tells the UN he and NATO plan to attack Libya. NATO and the progressives are upset, calling him a Bush war monger. The UN? Oh, they plan to have a meeting to discuss issuing a politically correct non-plausiability statement.

3. To re-build his shining image, he gives a speech introducing something for everyone: Cut the Military. Take Grandma’s Social Security away. Tax the Rich. Force you to eat Health Food (aka Chicago School children) so you will (hopefully) be so healthy you won’t notice when his MediScare quits paying for your medical needs. Spend more on a losing education system instead of looking for alternatives. Save less than 1/2 in twice the time any Congress or Senate plans propose. Everyone screams “Imbecile”

4. Start his re-election campaign, travelling at tax payer expense to fund raisers. I noticed small crowds in attendence. I guess at just 35.000 or so per plate of cold chicken, only Union Leaders could attend. Can you say Con-Man?

Now, what does this all have to with Not his Real Name, and Why do I have Vikings and Afikaners circling my home?

I found out his name is not Barack Hussein Obama II. It is really Pizem Olaf.

Do NOT miss November 2012 when we have our chance to crown him en termin Pizem Olaf.