she-he-it, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

This started out as an article on how really stupid the government and other liberal-progressive-socialist-communist organs think you are. However, something really big came up.

Nearly 1,000 pages long, Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Legislation includes new rules for mortgage lending, risk management, product development, investment management and customer service/communications which have been set forth in 16 “Titles” covering everything from Payment Clearing and Settlement Supervision to the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Mortgage Reform & Anti-Predatory Lending — it is clearly The most significant piece of banking and financial services legislation ever designed specifically to take away private business rights and exercise control of almost ever aspect of your financial life.

Because it is so large, I found and am making available a .pdf file that summarizes some of the horribly intrusive portions of this theft of freedom bill for your information only. (It is copyright by Bank Systems Technology and underwritten by IBM, please respect their copyrights, do not cross-post, copy or publish their info other than for your own personal use.)

The Boston Herald on Feb. 17 said:

The Dodd-Frank Act is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving. And now the bill is coming due.
The president’s budget released Monday — you know, the one that cuts heating oil subsidies for the poor and Pell Grants for students — adds $6.5 billion to implement all those nifty new regulations that our own Rep. Barney Frank (D-Newton) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) managed to squeeze into one piece of legislation.

Sen(ile). Dodd “I can’t legislate integrity. I can’t legislate wisdom.”
Credit Czar Elizabeth Warren: “The new law guarantees the agency meaningful autonomy. It has a protected funding stream, an independent director appointed by the president, and strong rule-writing authority.”

You ask, “Why bother? It has passed.” Although soon to be law of the land, the regulations being imposed under this act are subject to being modified, postponed or cancelled by Congress. It is important that you let congress know that, unlike Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) who specifically told me “tough, it already passed,” there will be and should be substantial changes to this omnibus bill.

From the American Bankers Association Dodd-Frank Tracker posted just today:

Non-Financial Trade Groups Voice Concern About Interchange Proposal

Continued support for House and Senate bills to delay the Federal Reserve’s interchange proposal is needed. Use ABA’s resources to draft a customized letter.

Many non-financial trade groups have voiced concern about Federal Reserve’s interchange proposal.

  • the Consumer Federation of America, 
  • the NAACP, 
  • the National Education Association, 
  • the National Black Chamber of Commerce,
  • the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 
  • the Greenlining Institute, 
  • the National Association of Neighborhoods, and 
  • the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.

This morning, Politico reported that Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) has cosponsored the Senate bill to delay the interchange proposal (S. 575)  bringing the total number of cosponsors to 17.

On other fronts:

PETA said it hopes the switch to include more gender-inclusive language will spark translators to readdress the ways animals are referred to in the Bible. The organization has petitioned the Committee on Bible Translation to suggest that its next translation remove “species-specific” language, by referring to animals as “he or she” instead of “it.”

My just -for-PETA Politically Correct Response: Bull-Cow Shit!

Or for the Feminists in PETA: Mare/Stallion Shit.

And, for Reproductively Confused cross-dressing PETA’ans: No It Shit allowed anymore.

Now to better stuff. When I was young (yes, I know, a long, long time ago) the word Cluster was not followed by SNAFU. If you don’t know, don’t ask. If you do, don’t tell.

And, speaking of don’t ask, don’t tell, I missed the legislation removing an old 3-letter word from the military. According to the Barack Obama Administration, it is a ‘kinetic military action’

Read the bill. Read and notice that Congress,, and Progressives in general love long and hard-to-pronounce words.
That is because the  L-P-S-C* crowd thinks you suffer from hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Prove them wrong.

Get ready now for the 2nd annual throw the bastards out day, coming to a polling place near you early November 2012

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