Late night advertising

Vonage still has a guy that calls Urupalot, wherever that is.
Regions bank wants to take all my money and make me ride a green bicycle.
Verizon assumes I need a new phone to play games. God forbid I would actually want to talk to someone.
Travelers insurance and ATT both want to cover me with little red and gold things.
Progressive Insurance now thinks I need a dash-cam to save money. Why not¬†GPS also so they can tell when I sneak over to someone’s house late at night?

Oh, and now Geico thinks a sure-fire way to sell their insurance is to feature the faux lizzard on a “call in show” with great moments like “It only took five minutes for you to part me and my money” and “We want to be married by a limp lizzard while the guy on the mike harrasses women who won’t buy blue cars” Boy, if that ain’t a supper pitch to buy insurance!

How about medications that caution you about fatal side effects, then want you to “talk to your doctor” to see if their Death Pill is right for you??

After an evening of watching these and other outstanding examples of near-moronic stupidity,

I am numbified.

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