Busy, Busy, Busy and other Insanities

POTUS said he did not want to have to intercede in the NFL player talks because he is busy, busy, busy. Obviously, it is a whole lot of work ducking any responsibilities normally expected of The President of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton reportedly said she thinks Al Jazeera should be aired on American cable networks. I’m sure her favorite program will be Sharia and Life, a wonderful daily program about how to properly apply the Taliban methods to treat women and how to be a suicide bomber.

So much for the inanities (or insanities?) from the executive branch.

On the important side of the coin, here we have Congress still arguing over a couple billion dollars on the LAST YEAR budget. And, all the Republicans are out vying and jockeying for position to be our next POTUS Imbecilous-Stealing-from-the-Taxpayers-in-Chief. All the while spending more than 29 BILLION dollars a month paying interest on current debt. (Quoted from Faux News, but I think they are low, as interest only in 2010 was almost $35 B/month)

How about this: Quit spending money. Except for Social Security, Medicare and Military, shut down the damn Government until you figure out how to live on the amount of taxes coming in. And, don’t bother telling me that Social Security, Medicare, Military and some other essential services are too high. Those expenditures do not exceed receipts. ObamaScare, Agricultural, EPA, Dept. of Education, The White House, the Senate and the House consume and waste multiple trillions of dollars a year. Shut them down until the budget balances.

And, keep in mind that if y’all can’t do it, another election is coming in 2012. You just think “Big Brother” is watching. Just wait until the voters get their hands on all you sleazy politicians.

 “Big Voter” is watching…

PS: Late breaking news on the entertainment front: yesterday, Warner Bros. fired the 1/2 man from 2 1/2 men show. Sorry, Charlie
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