AARP – "Gewinne vor allem"

11/04/2008 An inquiry by Sen. Grassley, R-Iowa, part of a wider investigation into health costs and coverage, centers on so-called limited-benefit plans. The plans generally have lower premiums than traditional insurance with catastrophic coverage. AARP  has a huge income pushing this trash on Seniors.

9/26/2009 Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA-8), has launched an investigation into why AARP has so much love for the Health Care bill HR3200. “I just can’t understand how the leading voice for America’s seniors would support a bill that cuts $156 billion from millions of their members’ health benefits.”

5/30/2010 Influential Republican legislators call for IRS investigation of AARP. “Based on the available evidence, substantial questions remain about whether AARP should maintain its tax-exempt status,” said the report, released by Reps. Wally Herger of California, Charles Boustany of Louisiana and Dave Reichert of Washington.

Rep. Sander Levin of Michigan, the senior Ways and Means Democrat, called it a “witch hunt” to punish supporters of Obama’s law.

Royalties from licensing the use of AARP’s name earned $657 million for the organization in 2009, or 46 percent of its total revenue, according to publicly available records. Health insurance plans with the AARP brand accounted for most of that.

AARP, which ALSO collected $97 million in federal grants in 2009, of course denied any wrongdoing. AARP president Lee Hammond is rumored to have claimed that AARP stands for “Always Altruistic Regardless of Profits”

I guess when you stand to make more than 1BILLION dollars just from new business in the first few years of ObamaScare, you can spend millions on lobbying and donating to the Democratic Destructionists who are busy turning the USA into the next Zimbabwe.

Now, you decide. Does
AARP = “Always Altruistic Regardless of Profits”
or does
AARP really stand for “Always Accept Rapacious Profits”

Join us in finding alternatives to the AARP. Seniors really do need a voice in Washington. Just not this one.

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