POTUS Repo Depot, LLC

I have been quiet for a few days now because I firmly believe that most 4-letter words associated with the phrase “4-letter word” or b*** s*** just don’t belong in a blog. Yet, every time I hear POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey speak, every time I hear a so-called news commentator expostulate profundities on the inanities espoused from Washington, my mind fills up with 1000’s of ass-to-risks.

Makes for dull reading after awhile. So, I keeping in mind that I really only have one *, I have suffered in silence until I felt a certain numbness when contemplating the barbarians of the world and, of course, all the union and moose-limb1 activities around the world.

From the Barbarians of the WorldTM comes such wonderful statements:

  • Hillary Pillory: “We will react to terrorism in unison with the world” translation” “Do Nothing”
  • Prevaricating Usurper POTUS: “I would have said more about Libyan terror, but there was a schedule conflict.” Translation: “Gee, how I hate Americans, Freedoms and Liberty. If only there were more disgusting little potentates like Daffy Ghadafi, how much easier for me to be King and (tin) God of the world!”
  • Fox News: exhilarating, breathless statement from one of the Faux Bimbo Reporters: “Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi is known as the father of modern terrorism” And here I always thought Satan was in charge of Terror, Hate, Muder and out-right Sin! How naive I am. I did not know that there was also an un-modern terrorism!
  • Democratic state Governors are whining on TV this morning (hear trembling, tear-filled voice) “We are fragile. We are FRAGILE. How dare the Republicans try to shut down the Government by wanting to cut the deficit.”

Now that I have deleted 12 pages of rambling and ass-to-risks (*),

Introducing POTUS Repo Depot, LLC Whose sole purpose is to work for the impeachment of one of the worst, most naive and inefficient liars our great Country has ever known.

We now have a new mission. Do not forget that the house cleaning is only partially done. We still have 2/3 of the Senate to throw out with the trash. We need to be continually vigilant, watching the House, to replace all those wonderful Representatives who didn’t get the message we sent in the last election.

Now, the new mission: Start bringing pressure to IMPEACH Obama the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey before this useless piece of Pig Snout does any more damage to our Country, before he can steal any more of our Liberties and Freedoms from us, before he can run our Country further in debt.

Wow. All that and I kept my one and only * to use another day!