What do Caves and Taxes have in common?

Most all the conservative blogs and news letters coming in today are talking about “President Caves” and are touting the No Taxes on Billionaires trade off for extended unemployment and new death taxes.

What, exactly, did the Republicans gain? Absolutely nothing. The Obama Tax Increase was not going anywhere, no how, no way. So, all they get to do is look good by letting POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey get his way extending unemployment benefits and letting your grandchildren pay for it.

Sounds to me like the same-ol’-shit.

Speaking of spending as usual, there is an area I do not remember ever hearing of Congress getting involved in. That being Department of Labor (DOL) retraining programs. We all know that when one loses a job and cannot get a new one, re-education training is available. Here is what you may not have known: If a manufacturer moves a plant overseas to cut costs by firing a worker, YOU, the taxpayer, NOT the employer, get to pay the cost of retraining.
Now, here is a new hitch that was just “approved” by the beaurocrats at DOL. The Hartford insurance company in Connecticut outsourced a big chunk of it’s IT department to IBM so they could cut employees and reduce overhead. IBM in turn outsourced the IT to low cost overseas workers, laying off more employees.

Workers laid off from IBM’s operations on behalf of The Hartford insurance company in Connecticut are eligible to receive benefits under the government’s Trade Adjustment Assistance program, according to a notice published Monday in the Federal Register.

Under the program, the workers can get government subsidized training for new jobs, income supplements, healthcare tax credits, and other benefits.

This is good, and is as should be, except for one little problem. I cannot find where these behemoth-sized companies are being held responsible to pay for the retraining or for the destruction of American jobs and people’s opportunities. Looks to me like YOU and ME, the taxpayer, are stuck with this bill.

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