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ITEM: Some localities which just voted to ban traffic cameras were, Houston TX, Baytown TX, Anaheim CA, and Garfield Heights OH, which is now the fifth city in Ohio to ban such cameras. Most such votes have resulted in landslide opinion against the cameras.

ITEM: “The Tea Party is speaking out about this [TSA] invasion of privacy. We will not forget the 4th Amendment!” said Steve Eichler, Executive Director of Tea Party/TeaParty.org, referring to the Constitutional right of the people to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure…. “

ITEM: From April 2009: The FBI were spying on Tea Party protesters nationwide … as part of a covert program conducted without the knowledge of local law enforcement, according to a source named as a current FBI agent.

One of the aspects of the federal government’s surveillance that is rarely mentioned goes to the heart of why government surveillance of its citizens is so valuable — to provide a means to keep the citizenry subdued and subservient through a form of blackmail. For example, when Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio refused to go along with NSA surveillance, the feds retaliated with an insider-trading prosecution against him. Even further back, through illegal wiretaps, the feds secretly recorded Martin Luther King and then attempted to blackmail him into ceasing his civil-rights activities by threatening to release information about extramarital affairs that he was purportedly having.


This has nothing to do with today’s post, but had to put this comment everyone liked from the PatriotUpdate.com:

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Steve  · 2 hours ago

Why should the American people have to pay more taxes so that Obuma can use our money to bail out the auto makers, insurance companies, banks and Wall Street. I for one am tired of supporting illegal aliens. I am tired of sending money to Haiti. I’m tired of sending our troops to fight and die in some war that is run by our congress and the supreme court. I’m tired of some holier than thou supreme court justice telling me my children can’t say the pledge of aledgiance to the FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or sing Christmas songs for fear fear of offending some rag head islamic bastard who would just as soon kill me as not.

And these bastards have the nerve to want to use MY tax dollars to do this. “BULL SHEET”

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