It Ain’t Over ’till the Fat Lady Sings

Act 1: Vote the Bastards Out

  1. Support your loca Tea Party (mostly done)
  2. Encourage others to get out and vote (done for now)
  3. Vote (done)

End of Act one.
Intermission:  the Fat Lady sings

Now that we had a little break :-), back to work.

Act 2: Keep on the newly elected.

  1. Make sure those who returned to Congress, and the new-comers, are fully aware of WHO sent them and WHY they were sent.
  2. Put a copy of Pledge To America where you can find it to check up on those we elected yesterday.
  3. When “they” forget, send the Pledge to America they signed.

Act 3: Every 2 years, clean out the deadwood, the liars and cheats.

  1. Retire those who have been in office too long.
  2. Vote out those who violated their promise to the voters.
  3. Remember that the goal is to reduce the size of Government, taxes and public debt.
  4. Work diligently to restore our freedoms while preventing further encroachment on our rights at ALL levels; Federal, State and Local.
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