Idealistic and Stupid.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could never win a Presidential election beacause he is too fat,  as Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, one of the youngest members of the growing body of Hip-Hop Intellectuals and Fox News contributor put it, if he (Christie) has to run up a flight of stairs, “no one wants to smell bacon.”
Stupid Remark.

I have found a new (for me) class of websites. You must be a member to see anything. No, not X-rated, but “high-class merchandise, deep discount prices” types of site. I signed into 2, one called Hautelook, the other The Foundary. These are classed as mini-sites, with companies that own several promoting different kinds of merchandise. Since they all have FaceBook and Twitter links, I guess the main way to get customers is through this new media.

Signed up. Waited for confirming emails, then anxiously signed in. Guess what, folks: They do give deep discounts. But, first, they mark stuff up even higher than the higest priced Mall Store you can find. Then, they give you “50-off” that pricing. End result? Same Chinese Junque that Walmart carries, but twice the price. And you get to pay shipping, too. I guess these sites appeal to “young voters” since the guys all look to be faggots that need to shave and the women are anorexic. Or, maybe to the same people that P. T. Barnum talked about. As the nurse said just before she gave you a shot with a BIG needle, “Buig oor hier kom dit”*

Looking at some of the latest polls to come out of the recent elections, we find that

  • Voters 18-24 vote 66% Democrat
  • Voters over 50 vote the opposite, about 65% Republican.
  • Voters under 30 only accounted for 11% of the vote.

That leads to some logical conclusions.

  1. Young Democrats are Idealists.
  2. Old Democrats are Stupid
  3. There are a whole lot of Not Stupid People that should have voted but didn’t.

“We didn’t mean to mislead the public” so says the govt. agency that re-wrote the Gulf oil report stating that scientists and engineers favored the ban, when they specifically stated they did not. “If not the public, who were you trying to decieve?”

Since 2005 (that’s only five years, folks) Govt. employees making in excess of 150,000 per year have gone from 0.4% of the workforce to better than 5%. Overall, goverment employee cost of living increases in the past 5 years have out-paced inflation by 3%. Compare that to private industry, where cost of living increases are only about 0.8% ahead of inflation.

The deficit commission released some preliminary recommendations. Caused much ado about nothing that will ever get seriously considered for implementation. Biggest suggestion? “We will cut your taxes, but take away all your deductions.” Biggest conclusion? Buig oor hier kom dit again.

To all those who fell into the “Not Stupid People that should have voted but didn’t” category, now is your chance to redeem yourself. Keep on all those newly elected congress persons to be sure they live up to the commitments they made to us “Not Stupid People that did vote”.

*that’s Afrikaans for Penchez-vous ici, il vient Still unsure? wellll.. Bend Over…

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