Chubby Faces, Empty Heads

I spent lots getting an HD receiver and an HD DVR. All to get rid of the Fat Faces that come with a standard picture stretched to 720p resolution and Even Fatter Faces when displayed on a 1080p screen. So, now they are just Chubby. Normal.

Unfortunately, thinning the faces did not improve the sounds issuing from their mouths. I discovered that Empty Heads are just as Empty in HD as they are on the old tube set. If any of you have a lead on an “intelligence intensifier” device please let me know. After watching all the long weekend “contributors” to Fox News aka “Paid Drive-by Consultants”, I am in serious need of one. The weekend and holiday crews are so vacuous on all the news channels, one would think the networks are out-sourcing to Bangladesh, or some unknown place like Urupalot that the guy on a current Vonage commercial is calling.

Oh, and yes, I know he says he calls Europe a lot, but it sounds like “your-UP-alot”. The super spastic speaking so popular in current advertising (Vonage and State Farm instantly come to mind) must be the fault of Twitter, where you only have a 140 or so characters to express yourself, then need to do a new “tweet.” Does that mean the “Connected Generation” is really “Bird Brain Generation?”

Fortunately, History Channel, Encore movie channels and a few others (and DVD players) offer relief from Long Weekend Screaming Meemies, and especially all the Has-Beens that now make money telling me what the Government should do that they never did while enjoying pre-Has-Been status.

I can hardly wait for the new congress to take over, so I can get important postulations from the soon-to-be pasturized office holders.

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