Ray Stevens Week, Day 4


Such a wonderful bunch of people.

As you know, NPR fired Juan Williams because he said a whole bunch of Muslims dressed in whatever those rag-things they wear are called in an airport, it tend to make him a little nervous.

As you also know, NO liberal who made diparaging remarks about George Bush, Jesse Helms, Rebpublicans or Christians has ever been fired.

Now, here comes Change dot Org screaming that we immediately contact our congress and demand¬†“Don’t let Sara Palin kill public broadcasting.”

Okay, I give up, Change dot Org idiots. How in the world did we ever get from NPR-got-egg-on-their-face-by-firing-the-only-black-reporter-on-their-staff-because-he-was-on-Fox-News to Sarah-Palin-(one who does not hold any public office nor have any particular influence outside of the Tea Party movement)-forcing-Congress-to-never,-ever-again-give-money-to-NPR?????

I should have such control over my children. What a bunch of idiots.

Back to the purpose of this blog today.

Ray Stevens doing Caribu Barbie

Now, call a bunch of your friends to make sure they participate in the First Bi-Annual take-out-the-trash day on Nov. 2, 2010

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