Ray Stevens Week, Day 2

Thanks to Erick at RedState for reminding us all that we have yet to win anything. Nobama continues on his take-over course, the country is still in a strangle hold by the Progressive Socialists, aka Democratic Party.

No, now is not the time to say “Wow, I’ve done all I can.” Easy to think especially if you are one of the 1000’s of early voters.

Now is the time to contact all you can to tell them to get out on Nov. 2 and VOTE. Only after the vote can we claim any kind of work done, and then it is only completion of Step 1.

Step 1: Vote.

Step 2: Make sure the winners know you are out there and watching.

Step 3: Keep on them to get our country back.

Step 4: Let them know failure in the job means “early retirement” come 2012.

Now, back to Ray Stevens. Another Patriotic tune from one who puts to song what so many of us feel!

Ray Stevens: Throw the Bums Out


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