Ray Day 5 or, Caution, your Laser Toner may Explode

Today presents us with 2 very important issues.One in the news, one not so much in the news.

Let’s look at the most important first. This morning, in my China Daily news update, came notice that China controls 97% of world-wide rare earth production. See the chart at the right, carefully stolen from China Daily, who carefully stole it from our own US Dept. of Interior.

This is critical information. The Untied States Progressive Socialist Party (Motto: Divide with predjudice and intimidate whenever possible) aka Democrats-for-POTUS Imbecilous has once again not even put up a whine, let alone taken any action to prevent this situation from arising. Lest you think this is nothing, do some research to find out what all critical products we use include rare earth minerals.

Secondly, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC and all the others are telling us that the DEA is inspecting  FEDEX and UPS air cargo shipments to make sure your Laser Toner does not blow up.  It appears that Toner Cartidges shipped from over seas come under the heading of  “questionalbe devices.”

So, how do you know that your laser toner cartridge is really a bomb in disguise? 1. If it has a burka, watch out. Any accusation of terrorrist activity will cause CAIR to classify you as a Race Baiter. 2. If it has a back pack, or 3. If your black toner prints in white, it may be a “questionalbe device.”

Result of all the news hype? MSNBC claimed this may only be a DUMMY DRILL! Golly. I can’t believe the  liberal left finally got something right about our government!

Now, my choice for Ray Stevens hit of the day on the surface appears to not be political. But, thinking about POTUS and his Czar-minions, I think it fits.  Listen to Ray singing Sittin’ Up with the Dead

Now that you heard the song, call, email, contact every one you know to help partcipate in Throw The Bastards Out day on Nov. 2. 

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