Quick, hand me my Life Jacket

“The boat is sinking.” say Whitehouse staff, “I’m trading my bucket for a life jacket.”

And off they go. Not even 2 years into the administration, the rats leave the ship. And, what does the prevaricating usurper POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey have to say? “Good luck, you were great but I have someone ‘better’ to replace you.”

One can only take so much of arrogant ignorance before one has to walk away. To make suggestions, establish policy, continually come up with great ideas to promote or destroy our Country (depending on your political views) and have them summarily dismissed by the “Boss” to do his own thing, telling you that your ideas are totally superseded by his, well.

“Good Bye, Good Luck, I know you are a one-term person, and I’m gone. Soon, but not soon enough, so will you be gone.”

And, POTUS says if the American People send a Republican Congress, he will do hand-to-hand combat. Well spoken by someone who bowed to foreign dictators and kings, one who hates America and her Citizens, one who feels freedom is for another day, one who could not even handle a little oil spill, let alone a war or a nuclear threat.

Well, lest we forget, November 2 is the first biannual trash removal day. So, in the words of our beloved Mayor Daley, vote early, vote often, and be sure to dig up Grandpa so he can vote too!

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