LibSpeak nonsense

Snippets picked up from here and there.

John Huntsman, Obama ambassador to China, said the US and China must be able to reach “a cruising altitude of mutual respect and equality”. Dear John, wtf does that mean? We need to have abject poverty and total government domination of our society to talk to China? Appears he thinks we fly at too low an altitude.

Steve Jobs says a 7-inch iPad is too small  That’s funny, that’s what my wife said, too.

Help Solve the Global Water Crisis with Social Media. Yeah, type, link, and quit drinking so much water. Also noted in this wonderful article is:

No more Apples. Apple trees consume almost 20 gallons of water to grow each apple.

No more eggs. Each egg consumes over 33 gallons of water just getting to your refrigerator. I had no idea my eggs were so thirsty. I guess I will have to eat cats for breakfast. They only use less than a quart a day.

Sidewalk Sitting Ban
Hey, Live in San Francisco? Don’t get shot or beat up on SF streets between 7AM and 11PM. You may be confused with the homeless, and be told to move-on. Seriously, San Francisco will vote “to end homelessness by making it illegal to sit or lie on a city sidewalk between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.” Appears that the SF streets will be the home for homeless from 11:00:01PM to 6:59:59AM?

And you think I come up with some wierd ideas?

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