Kicking off Ray Stevens week

Now that we are only a week from the elections, I wanted to thank Ray Stevens for all the fine music he has contributed over the years. Truely memorable songs, such Ahab The Arab, The Streak and The Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

He has a lot more, too. Much of his current music is very patriotic. If I were O’Reilly, I would call him a Patriot.

Today’s featured song was brought to mind by seeing headlines that Portland Maine wants non-citizen immigrants to vote.

That, and the fact that Chicago already lets non-citizen immigrants (legal and otherwise?) vote in school board elections, just absolutely leaves me speechless. Or, at least unable to say anything here except ****& %&**** —&****

Ssssooooo… Click on the link

Come to the USA

enjoy the music. Check back tomorrow for the second installment of Ray Stevens Appreciation Week.

In the meantime, don’t forget (and tell all your friends) to participate in National Trash Removal Day on November 2. (for our newer viewers, that’s National Vote the Bastards Out of Office Day)

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