Joe Biden and the Bus

Hot topic for the upcoming 2010 elections: The press is all a-twitter with speculation as to whether Vice President Joe Biden will ride in the bus or under it for 2012.

Who really cares? Well, probably Joe Biden. The odds of anyone else really giving a damn one way or the other is incredibly slim. So, why all the blogs, news items, editorials and wasted viewing time on the cable news networks? Simple, at least to me. The more we talk about what POTUS Obama the Usurping Prevaricator “is maybe going to do”, the less we focus on “what he already did to us” and “how all his plans failed” and “what a naive socialist progressive that is totally unfit to be president of the greatest country the world has ever known” he really is.

It also keeps the press from having to explain why all the Dimocrats are running away from him and ObamaCare. According to the incumbent House democrat political ads I’ve seen, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel are the only persons in the entire world who actually voted for TARP, Obamacare or the stimulus package.

Well, lest we forget, November 2 is the first biannual trash removal day. So, in the words of our beloved Mayor Daley, vote early, vote often, and be sure to dig up Grandpa so he can vote too!

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