Gringrich Shows his true colors.

He really, really wants to be Prisident. How do you do that?

1. Go middle of the road and appeal to the ‘not quite 100%’ Obama supporters.
    The former speaker insisted that Obama was ‘absolutely’ born in the United States and is a Christian*
2. Throw 1/3 of your constituancy under the bus by declaring:
    ‘I think some of this stuff is just a sign of how much fear and anxiety has built up.’*

Question, Mr. Newt: “What do you know about POTUS, when he won’t even acknowledge or release anything that would definatively prove his right to be President of the United States of America????? 

And why only on Spanish-speaking television?????

Shit like that will help keep the Tea Party alive and well, and looking for viable candidates.

*As quoted in WND, Mon. 10/11/2010. Why they quote Used-To-Was Speaker Gingrich as finally coming around is beyond me. Maybe I didn’t get it. Read the article and make up your own mind.

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