eco snuff films and sexual behavior

Baby boomers don’t practice safe sex. So says a Trojan survey.

English greenies blow up school children. English group uses Government funds and corporate donations for “humourous ad” that shows teacher blowing up all children that will not promise to “saving our world from global warming”.

Banks repossessing homes they don’t own. Seems they sold the loans and no longer have any right or ownership of the loans to reposses.

Federal reasearch finds laptop computers responsible for TSS (Toasted Skin Syndrome).

Wow, what an exciting news morning. I planned to talk about something else, but after hearing the above headlines, rapidly followed by this idiotic statement:

Government (tanslate POTUS Imbecilous) says all government vehicles need to be electric. Only then you will get your job back, because as long as you are using gasoline you will be unemployed.

Golly, Gee, what more could I say? Just …

participate in National Trash Removal Day on November 2.

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