Self Congratulations

I have a new title. Race Baiter.

No, I did not win a speed contest for putting worms on a hook. What I did was find an article about OUR census bureau spending 500,000 US Tax Payer dollars a year to rent space from a Muslim Worship Center. Accoridng to our friends at Channel 2 Atlanta (you know, the same ones that exposed HSUS fraud some time back) the U.S. Census is leasing a 6,600 square-foot corner of an old, back-road building in Virginia. Land records that Channel Two obtained confirmed that this location is owned by the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center and rented by the Census Bureau. Imam Johari Abdul-Malik showed McFarlane around the worship area and even acknowledged that Dal Al-Hijrah is not a typical Islamic center. It has been a hotbed of controversy. Its worshipers have included two of the Sept. 11th hijackers and Nadal Hassan, the man believed responsible for the massacre at Fort Hood. Most alarming to critics is its former Imam, Anwar Al-Awlaki.

The mosque said it collects $500,000 a year in rent from the Census Bureau. They accuse bloggers and watchdogs of race baiting

Can you even begin to imagine the howl from the left if someone in the Govt. even suggested renting space from a Catholic Church? How about leasing space from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (abbreviated as the LDS Church, and colloquially referred to as the Mormon Church)? Or maybe from the Lutherans, Presbyterians or, horrible tremors, Baptists? How much space do we lease from Hindu or Buddhist temples?

Utilizing the statments from someone named Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, and having duly blogged, watched and commented, I hereby declare myself  an official Race Baiter.

Lest we forget, Official Race Baiter NotAGeek encourages all to participate in National Trash Removal Day on November 2. (for our newer viewers, thats National Vote the Bastards Out of Office Day)

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