Self Congratulations

I have a new title. Race Baiter.

No, I did not win a speed contest for putting worms on a hook. What I did was find an article about OUR census bureau spending 500,000 US Tax Payer dollars a year to rent space from a Muslim Worship Center. Accoridng to our friends at Channel 2 Atlanta (you know, the same ones that exposed HSUS fraud some time back) the U.S. Census is leasing a 6,600 square-foot corner of an old, back-road building in Virginia. Land records that Channel Two obtained confirmed that this location is owned by the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center and rented by the Census Bureau. Imam Johari Abdul-Malik showed McFarlane around the worship area and even acknowledged that Dal Al-Hijrah is not a typical Islamic center. It has been a hotbed of controversy. Its worshipers have included two of the Sept. 11th hijackers and Nadal Hassan, the man believed responsible for the massacre at Fort Hood. Most alarming to critics is its former Imam, Anwar Al-Awlaki.

The mosque said it collects $500,000 a year in rent from the Census Bureau. They accuse bloggers and watchdogs of race baiting

Can you even begin to imagine the howl from the left if someone in the Govt. even suggested renting space from a Catholic Church? How about leasing space from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (abbreviated as the LDS Church, and colloquially referred to as the Mormon Church)? Or maybe from the Lutherans, Presbyterians or, horrible tremors, Baptists? How much space do we lease from Hindu or Buddhist temples?

Utilizing the statments from someone named Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, and having duly blogged, watched and commented, I hereby declare myself  an official Race Baiter.

Lest we forget, Official Race Baiter NotAGeek encourages all to participate in National Trash Removal Day on November 2. (for our newer viewers, thats National Vote the Bastards Out of Office Day)

There is a Terrorist in my Toilet

The Feds have a big black building where they listen in to calls to Grandma. Now, POTUS Obamus the Usurping Prevaricator wants to check out all your internet activities, too.

According to Fox News, The Obama administration is developing plans that would require all Internet-based communication services — such as encrypted BlackBerry e-mail, Facebook, and Skype — to be capable of complying with federal wiretap orders. Hey, don’t forget You Tube and all the online Photo Albums, as they are certain to be utilized by terrorists for multi-lingual communications!

National security officials and federal law enforcement argue their ability to eavesdrop on terror suspects is increasingly “going dark” as more communication takes place via Internet services. The bill, which the White House plans to deliver to Congress next year, would require communication service providers be technically capable of intercepting and decrypting messages.

According to some reliable sources, the Government is feeling a strong need to control one of the last areas of freedom of access to worldwide un-edited news content. Once they get access to all the internet traffic, it is easy to do a Chinese Communist style take-over and control all internet information access. All in the guise of terrorists are hiding in your closet and using your computer. “We are from the Government, and we are here to protect you!”

Now, for the next area of intrusion, I have noticed that the plumbing in our house is totally unprotected from terrorist attack. Why, just imagine all those Home Grown Terrorists (Govt. description of Tea Party attendees) out there (maybe hiding in the same closet as the internet terrorists) just waiting to stuff high explosives in my toilet, causing lots of havoc and damage to all who would sit on the “Ivory Throne.”

I demand immediate attention to this potentially hazardous type of attack. I demand that POTUS Obamus the Prevaricating Usurper propose legislation to put a bureaucrat in my bathroom to protect me from discharging digitally encrypted methane emissions.

Tag – You’re It

Potus Obama the Impotent Prevaricator wants to “tax the rich”

Potus the Usurper believes we need to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.

Fact: over 1 billion people worldwide subsist on about 1.00 per day or less than $400 per year.
The average Brazilian earns about $8500 per year.
The average Indian (India) earns about $1000 per year.

The average American earns over $45,000 per year.

You are the “rich” — Tag, your it.

Close our oil wells. Pass Cap and Trade. Send our plants over seas to China.
Out source IT and Customer Service to India.
Make clothes in Indonesia and Viet Nam.

In Georgia, a man was fined $5000 for growing vegetables in his back yard.
You can’t build a sand castle on the beach in Florida.

Regulate us. Tax and take all our wealth until none is left, send it over seas.

When all is done, your average wage will drop to somewhere between Zimbabwe and Peru.

Do you not understand? Today you are rich, Obama wants to tax the rich, give to the poor.
Do you not understand?


US sends Cowards to UN.

I just heard that achmed the dead terrorist (sorry, I meant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) spoke at the UN this morning, and the US delegates did NOT leave the area. How disappointing to be an American today, when, for the first time in our history, OUR UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS TOO COWARDLY TO TELL A LITTLE (im)POTENTATE TO F*** OFF, EAT S*** AND DIE

I really am at a loss for words. I absolutely cannot understand how Obama the Prevaricating Usurper* could stoop so low and hate America and all her citizens so much that he would stoop to kiss the ass of a 2-bit loudmouth terrorist that needs to be pitched into the deep blue sea for fish food.  Even his loyal supporters say “he’s a fraudulently elected megalomaniac heading an autocratic regime that tortures its own people and threatens the security of the world.”

We expect the feeble old thieves and molestors who run the UN to allow the ilk of Ahmadinejad, Chavez and such to have a public forum. What we cannot accept is that our Government would permit any representative of our great country to have any dealings with, or give credence to any utterings of, these individuals.

I am only thankful that Nov 2, 2010 is coming closer. Trash removal has started with the various primaries in our States. Now, we can start National Trash Removal day and continue dumping the trash every 2 years for some time to come.

*coming soon to a blog near you: Obama The Usurping Prevaricator (or maybe Obama the Prevaricating Usurper?)

9-11-2010 Why Face Reality?

Disdain and Arrogance

POTUS Obama the Impotent once again looks with disgust upon the country he thinks he rules. This person is less of a president, this person is less of a leader, this person is less of a person, well, than my cat is. Instead of dealing head-on with todays issues surrounding Ground Zero, and the memories of 9-11-2001, he referred to “a sorry band of men which perverts religion.” He spoke at the Pentagon. Sent the First Lady to Pennsylvania. He let all see he is once again not man enough to face True Americans at the site of the worst attack America ever suffered. He let all see once again that he would rather bow and scrape before Islamic terrorists than call them out for what they really are. He once again has demonstrated that building a tribute to Islamic Jihadists and Al-Qeda at ground zero is more important than defending our American way of life. He once again is a disgrace to America world wide, to be only admired by his own reflection in the mirror. If you doubt my comments, just look at the photo taken while “Paying Tribute.” The only question in my mind is tribute to what????

Tyler says pitooey
I polled my cat as to what he thought of POTUS Obama the Impotent. He spoke right up. Since this blog has no sound, here’s a photo of his comments.
In keeping with our Wonderful POTUS Obama the Impotent comments, here are a few gathered from those he loves and shows so much respect.
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, he was prepared to consider meeting with anyone who is seriously committed to pursuing peace. Yeah, right.
President Hamid Karzai marked the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks in the U.S. today by insisting the origins of the Taliban insurgency are not in Afghanistan. Oh, really? Then why does NATO say insurgents use civilians as human shields during attacks.

BBC reports that a small group of Muslim demonstrators set fire to an American flag outside the US embassy.

Meanwhile, POTUS Obama the Impotent as Commander In Chief of the military is busy protecting us, as accoding to AP, “Military eyes glowing secrets of fireflies.”

On the other side of the coin, however:
In London, 67 roses – one for each British victim – were laid at a memorial in Grosvenor Square, not far from the American embassy. A handwritten note from Prime Minister David Cameron read: “In memory of the victims of terrorism in the USA on 11 September 2001. They will never be forgotten.”

Other nations, including France and Germany, expressed support for the US on the anniversary of 9/11. “We are still side-by-side with the Americans,” the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said.

Thank God Nov.2 is getting closer, when we can begin throwing out the trash. May we have the strength and courage of our convictions to continue the trash removal in 2012 and years thereafter.