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I received a couple of requests to post some voting results in the Senate. After due consideration and some research, I chose not to publish the lists. Here’s why:

“On 25 May 2006, the U.S. Senate, by a 62-36 bipartisan vote, finally passed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 – a controversial bill which proponents touted as providing comprehensive and humane immigration reform, and which opponents criticized as unfairly rewarding illegal aliens by allowing them to obtain legal status. Before the bill’s final passage, many different amendments were proposed by various senators; some amendments were adopted, some amendments failed to pass, and some amendments modified or nullified provisions of earlier amendments.”

List one, quote: “Now, the following are the senators who voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits. They are grouped by home state. If a state is not listed, there was no voting representative.”

Actually, what they voted was to table an amendment to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 that would have prevented “formerly illegal aliens”, (IE: used to be but not now) from using social security payments made while an illegal alien using a fraudulent social security number to claim benefits. This was tabled, as it primarily dealt with a situation that wouldn’t really apply, since once these people became legal immigrants, they would qualify for benefits anyway.

Another list deals with members of the Senate that voted against making English the official language of the United States. This again, is murky water because it was not a law, but another amendment to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006. And, there was another amendment that basically contradicted this one that most of the same people also voted for.

Rather than worrying about who voted for what in which administration, I think it is more important to keep in mind that almost all incumbents need to be thrown out of office.

A better email to forward would be to encourage all registered voters to get out and vote after memorizing this statement:

“If you are in – YOU ARE OUT”
Just say “no” to the incumbents.
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