Alice goes to Oz

This morning, I got a solicitation from a Conservative Organization (CO) to buy a dvd explaining why the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was really a cryptic treatise on Money Reform. (Secret Decoder Ring sold sperately.)

I understand the Conservative Orgaization Oposition (CO2) will be issuing a Scholarly Treatise in the near future explaining how Allice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter have influenced current Liberal Thinking.

Were I to pick the publication with more relevence, CO2 wins hands-down over CO.

After all, we know the current Executive Branch is run by a bunch that appears to have been sniffing something strange at work.

At the end of the CO treatise, the Wizard is exposed as a fraud.

The real danger here is that Alice and Dorothy get to gether and totally destroy the economy of our County.

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