Pres says "seppuku day for rangel"

Fox News Quote: President Barack Obama on Friday called ethics charges against Rangel “very troubling” and said he hoped the former head of the House tax writing panel could end his career “with dignity.”

Bet he doesn’t. And maybe, with a little luck, Waters gets to take the short trip to under the bus, too?

For those of us who do not speak fluent Japenese,  seppuku or hara-kiri (pronounced Hairy Kerry)

  1. Ceremonial suicide: formerly practiced in Japan by members of the warrior class when disgraced.
  2. Suicide or any suicidal action; a self-destructive act: political hara-kiri.

Unfortunately, the rules for hara-kiri were re-written by our legislators. Now, “Seppuku Day” means resign or retire or just get voted out so you can live a life of luxury at tax-payer expense for the rest of your medically-extended life span. (Not available to working people soon to be forced to participate in Obama Care)

"I Need More Votes"

says the POTUS.

How we gonna do dat? you ask, (oh how foolish you are), why “easy” say POTUS Obama in his un-stomach-able arrogance.

Very simple. Just make an executive order making everyone now in the US a voting citizen. Presto, 18 million or so new votes for the Democratic Party.

Don’ believe me? read here:

Well, Kiss my ….

"We were always going to be out of town that day,"

And which day is that, POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaiste Surrender Monkey?

The 100th Anniversary National Scout Jamboree lasts from YESTERDAY all the way to NEXT TUESDAY, Mr. POTUS, and all you have to say is: “We were always going to be out of town that day,”

If Marvin Zindler were alive, well and kicking, and in Washington this weekend, instead of “Slime in the Ice Machine”, he would find “Slime in the White House”

Shame on you POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaiste Surrender Monkey, who has placed Fund Raising and The View a higher priority than the Outstanding Youth of Our Country.

Alice goes to Oz

This morning, I got a solicitation from a Conservative Organization (CO) to buy a dvd explaining why the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was really a cryptic treatise on Money Reform. (Secret Decoder Ring sold sperately.)

I understand the Conservative Orgaization Oposition (CO2) will be issuing a Scholarly Treatise in the near future explaining how Allice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter have influenced current Liberal Thinking.

Were I to pick the publication with more relevence, CO2 wins hands-down over CO.

After all, we know the current Executive Branch is run by a bunch that appears to have been sniffing something strange at work.

At the end of the CO treatise, the Wizard is exposed as a fraud.

The real danger here is that Alice and Dorothy get to gether and totally destroy the economy of our County.

The right to be Stupid

Erick @ RedState said “I’ve always said that everyone has the right to be stupid”

Too bad he was talking about Mayor Bloomberg. Had he waited to hear the absolute lies and whitewash coming from the White House this afternoon, he would have reserved this statement for POTUS imbecilous.

Can the pres really think the American People are so stupid and ignorant that we can just accept a blatant lie when being told the “White House didn’t know about the flap with Shirley Sharrod.

Here is the senario. Shirley Sherrod, a long-time low-level Agricultural Department employee was repeatedly called and told that “the White House wanted her to resign right now” forcing her to pull to the side of the road, call and resign.

The whitehouse said today they didn’t know about it until after the fact. And didn’t do it. And, while protesting, pointed the finger elsewhere and took zero action. Wasn’t his fault, “FOX News and some bloggers, and Glenn Beck did it.”

Later today, some old fat white guy at the Ag Dept., who is obviously too old to start a new career as a fry-cook trainee,  said “I did it, all on my own. I take full responsibility short of turning in my public resignation here and now for lying about who said what”

So, here we go. Someone lied. Either Ms. Sherrod lied or her boss lied, or the Pres lied.

I go with Door #3. Shirley Sherrod had no reason to lie, and obviously not enough time to cook one up before word of her sudden departure was public. The old white guy at the Ag. Dept. came out at the back end talking shit. In the meantime, the POTUS took almost a full day to figure out how to send out the press interface to stumble, bumble and as usual, point fingers without taking action.

So, as for POTUS. once again he fully abused the right to be stupid.


Once again, I have to ask When do we wake up and demand of our congressional leaders and State leaders that they call for impeachment hearings to remove this totally incompetent arrogant from office?