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Around our house, Father’s Day is not on Sunday. Neither is Mother’s Day. In fact, almost no holiday is on the right day. As grandparents, Christmas is subject to who does what when. Christmas can be anywhere from Thanksgiving Day to Valentines Day. So, today was Father’s day. Had a nice present from my younger son, and Shirley bought me lunch. Thank you both. I know I will get a phone call from my daughter sometime between Sat. afternoon and Monday evening. She is getting better about those things. She used to only “remember” when her mother told her to. That, fortunately, ended 18 years ago. Now, about 3 years ago, she suddenly started remembering Fathers day, Mothers Day, Birthdays and Christmas all on her own.

Back to the topic. I was being entertained by a smiling toilet pushing a new constipation product on TV. (Boring night on TV, huh?) Anyway, instead of telling me how great I would feel by running right out to Walgreen’s or MalWart, I was encouraged to “Learn More” by going to some website. I forgot what it was, but I can tell you it is not HappyShit.com. Believe me, constipation is the last thing on their minds at that site!

Anyway, back to the topic again. Erectile Dysfunction, Constipation, Ringing Ears, Diarrhea, aches and pains, sore feet, fat-butt reduction methods, etc. all want you to¬† go to myHotProducts.com and yes, you guessed it, … Learn More.

Now, if only Politicians came with a Learn More button …

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