Here we sit, all broken hearted. Came to …..

… Whoa, Nellie! We came to get something done, like Oil spills stopped. Or beach polution slowed down. Or fishing industry not destroyed. We came to get our Government to do it’s function, helping with National Disasters.

All we got was wind and smoke. No action, no resolve. Just lots of talk and some new rules “so that it will never happen again” and, of course, since no good crisis should go unpunished, requests for New Taxes on All of Us. Spill prevention tax on oil. Cap and Take my Money (sorry, meant Trade) Tax on all energy use. That way, after the Gulf Coast and a huge portion of our fishing industry is destroyed, with thousands out of work and lives destroyed, we can do like Spain. Create a few Green Jobs, and lose 2 jobs in our economy for every new green job. Hey, while we are at it, let’s create some new bureaucracies and a maybe a new czar-minion job or 2.

But, no matter what, don’t do nothing in the gulf to prevent the horrible destruction of our coast line and fishing industries. Hey, we’ve waited what, almost 40 days already with doing nothing, so why start now?

Now, in unison, repeat after me: [see title above] … Shit but only Farted.

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