Boy Scouts send Obama Camping

Bowing to the pressure from the American Public to show true leadership, POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey is going “camping!”

He will spend 2 whole days in “Oil Spill Land”, and will even stay over night! Do y’all think he will camp out on the beach for a truly touching moment? I suspect the Hyatt in New Orleans will win out over that option!

Then, we are promised a speech delivered live from “Oil Spill Land”. Will it be around a campfire, surrounded by starry-eyed vegan environmentalists, gently washing oil-soaked ducks and turtles? Will he speak lit only by the soft glow from his teleprompters?

I’m so excited, I might just wet my pants.

While we do not know exactly what he will say, we do know it certainly will be an empty speech, full of platitudes and non-action, except for pushing for more regulation and taxes and bigger bureaucracies so that we can have more freedoms encroached upon, have business stifled and regulated out of existence so that we too can enjoy all the pain, suffering, poverty and despot rule of a third world country. Oh, and never forget “It was all Bush’s fault.”

Wake up. Take off the rose-colored glasses. I firmly believe that even “Don’t ever let him open his mouth without a script or near an open microphone” Biden could do a better job.

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