A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Wow! A speech from the Oval Office. Shades of Bush after 9-11. Shades of Nixon resigning. Shades of Regan, FDR, Truman, visions of momentous moments of grave importance to our Country.

Well, not quite. Actually, shades of POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey* looking arrogantly at the American Public declaring how he has been in charge for 57 DAYS of the worst environmental damage the world has seen. He is overseeing a more complete destruction of our environment and national wealth than even the Russians did with the Chernobyl disaster. And, he has accomplished far less in those 57 days than the Russians did.

Not only are the consequences of our President’s inaction and indecision painfully evident, he sat in the Oval Office and lied to the American People.

He lied about his accomplishments. All he has done so far is hold useless meetings, change documents to suite his own purpose, and promote his political agenda to raise our taxes and destroy our economy and future.
We are NOT out of places to drill. The Liberals and Environmentalists have blocked near shore, on land, Alaska, oil shale, and other forms of exploration.

We do NOT need to be bled dry with your Crap and Tax plans.

Shame on you, Barack Hussein Obama. You are an embarrassment to the the American People and do not deserve to be our President. You need to resign, quit, and slink silently off into the sunset.

You can not deceive me, I do not hear your words, will not listen to your lies and deceits. The only words I want to hear from you are “Good Bye, I’m Gone”

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