Remember those who died for your freedom

Some stray thoughts, nothing really deep for the weekend. The overriding issue this weekend is that this IS Memorial Day Weekend. This IS a time to remember all who died in the service of this country, whether a World War, Vietnam, Gulf War or the current Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.

These brave souls died in battle so that you could still have our Freedoms and The American Way of Life.

Here are some of the ways I found people are honoring all who died in the service of this country:

  • ROLLING THUNDER (sponsored by American Legion, among others) is in Washington DC to pay respect.
  • About 900,000 Americans will be in Washington DC this weekend to pay respects.
  • MEMORIAL DAY PROGRAM, hosted by the Harry White Wilmer American Legion Post 82.
  • NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CONCERT, Jack Everly leads a musical salute and a special tribute on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War
  • 33RD ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY JAZZ FESTIVAL, Jazz Ambassadors Dixieland Band, Joe Baione Trio, Al Williams, Larry Brown Quintet and Kaleidoscope Orchestra.
  • Almost   TOO MANY to list.

I saved the best highlight for last. Here is the Big Deal of the weekend to honor our Fallen Veterans, those who died for all our freedoms, those who died to give every natural born American an equal opportunity to be President, regardless of race, creed or religion.

  • Obama’s busy Memorial Day weekend: Arlington cemetery loses out

    The first family will spend Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, but Obama will make a day trip to the Gulf Coast on Friday.

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