Gee Whiz Golly

Um, I’m not sure if the MMS director was fired or resigned

Hello, who the hell is in charge here? Guess I really did not need to axe this question, as we all know the inmates are running the asylum.

Potus: “The buck stops here. I take full responsibility. (except for all the stuff that was Bush’s fault). Of course I was in charge. (except for all the stuff that was Bush’s fault) While the oil was shooting out of the ground for the past 30 days, I was thinking about solutions. (except for all the stuff that was Bush’s fault) Why, we had a meeting just today on that subject! (and decided that was Bush’s fault)”

With regard to MMS, POTUS blamed Bush.

REVELATION: Bush is responsible for the Oil Spill. That is a real problem, as POTUS can’t be responsible for the leftover stuff from the Past Administration. Guess Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama and Florida and Georgia and South Carolina and North Carolina and Virgina and Maryland and Delaware and New Jersey and New York is just shit out of luck.

but we have our boots on the neck of BP to make sure they pay, pay, pay and pay some more.

Gee Whiz, Golly… We ain’t in Kansas nomore, Toto

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