I am rummaging through my mind this morning, trying to find an acceptable term for the idiots running our government. Many, many terms come to mind, but I am having a terrible time finding words that can actually be printed and repeated without causing embarrassment to the reader.
San Francisco International comes to mind. Why? Well, in my family, we grew up not ever saying or even thinking the F-Bomb word around the house. Even looking like we might would be a trip to the sink and having our mouth washed out with soap. Therefore, I have to say San Francisco International instead of Stupid f Idiots.
So, if I take out the F from San Francisco International, let’s see what we can come up with.
·         Sorry Incompetents: A term that loosely describes the current White House occupants and their “Czars.”
·         Sans Intelligence: A term describing the pre-planning of various Executive Branch and Congressional members when making notes for their upcoming public statements.
·         Shady Intentions: A term that describes what our “leaders” are up to when speaking the mumbo-jumbo when making public statements about how hard they are working to make our lives better.
·         Sudden Increase: After the Mumbo-Jumbo from above, the tax increase to reduce our incomes, thereby allowing more government employees to be hired, and have all-expenses-paid junkets at our expense.
·         Spectacular Indulgence: What Congress and the Executive branch do right after telling us how “they feel our pain.”
·         Sorry Intrusions: The maniacal need for POTUS Obama The Impotent Pantywaiste to intrusively stick his ugly arrogant mug in our faces on a daily basis.
·         Supreme Inanities: The Ping-Pong speeches given daily by the teleprompter king.
Some good examples, but, I realize that I have not been able to adequately express myself. San Francisco International just doesn’t do it.
The actual phrase I want is:
Hey, you Stupid Fuckin’ Liberal Idiots, come November, we gonna retire as many of you as we possibly can.

Well, wash my mouth…
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