POOF! The Magic Dragon

POTUS Obama The Impotent Pantywaiste has a secret plan. He is rumored to be writing his own “nObama care” package for Congress to vote on just before his scheduled meeting with House and Senate Dimocrats and Repukelicans.

I really wanted to say Republicans, but I am certain that any Republicans “invited” to “propose new initiatives”  have been chosen only because the are so far left of conservative, they make Jimmy Carter look like a rational being. Well, maybe not. Nothing in this world that is legal to consume could ever make Carter even remotely appear rational. And in all fairness, the RNC and so-called main-stream republicans are only slightly left of Walter Mondale. For the under thirty crowd, Mondale was sooooo radical for his time, he could not even carry the liberal states. He ran for president in 1984, and carried only his home state of Minnesota and Washington DC. A loss record only ever equaled by George McGovern in 1972.

Back to POTUS. This guy seems to think his Stack High In Transit doesn’t stink. His eyes are filled with his image, and his ears are filled with the music of his own voice. Obama, The Most Impotent Pantywaiste has now managed to seal himself off from even the smallest amount of reality.

Yesterday: Don’t blow all your money in Las Vegas.
Today, I LOVE Las Vegas.
Yesterday: We will have meetings of Democrats and Republicans to tackle health care problems.
Today: I have a secret plan you can vote on just before our meeting.
Yesterday: We must economize.
Today: HAMP = no foreclosures and  more of YOUR money to support deadbeats.

Back to POOF!

Obama is planning one final push to pass healthcare with no Republican support. Disguising his true intentions behind a health care summit which is designed to fail, he will try to pass the Senate bill in the House and send it to the White House to become law. Then, he will use the reconciliation procedure (which lets him pass budget related bills in the Senate with only 51 votes) to push through additional legislation which modifies the bill to suit House and Senate liberals (probably including a public option). 

And, Hey! if that’s not a Magic Dragon in a cloud of Hemp-scented Smoke, nothing is…….

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