Roll Over, Play Dead

Eagleburger came up with  great line to describe our POTUS Obama the Impotent  Pantywaiste.*  Unfortunately, he is wrong and misguided. Not only does POTUS not take action against Iran and North Korea, not only has he not supported our troops, he has not stood against the Russian Communists who announced development of a new missile weapons system after he so “graciously” kissed their ass by agreeing to throw Poland under the bus by canceling our defense missile system.

So, let’s see now…
No support for our troops
Let Pakistan fight Taliban and AlQueda
Send home most of the terrorists in Gitmo, bring the rest to the US so the ACLU can represent them at our expense and guarantee them Constituitional Rights in court
No support for Israel, but give money to Hamas in Palestine.
Never justify what he does, only attack anyone who questions him.
Destroy our corporations with government control
Spend us into oblivion.

POTUS Obama the Impotent  Pantywaiste is not rolling over or playing dead. He hates America, and all we stand for. Just look at the communists, socialists, liars and cheats he has surrounded himself with. Look at this spending spree, guaranteed to destroy our currency, economy and our country.

He knows damn good and well what he is doing.

This is TREASON, plain and simple. He needs to be thrown out of office and treated like the traitor he is.

*Eaglebuger on Cavuto today, Titles courtesy the British press.

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