POTUS Lives up to Titles

Our POTUS Obamus the Impotent Pantywaiste once again lives up to his esteemed titles ordained him by the British Press.

How can POTUS be such a shining example to the poor and aspiring young ones with skulls full of mush, you ask.

1. Spend at least one MILLION dollars flying your taxpayer owned and funded private jet to Europe. Spend that much or more sending your spousal unit and her “Chat Buddy” Oprah on her own taxpayer owned and funded private jet.to the same destination.

2. Use your best Door-to-door Encyclopedia Salesman Pitch to the Olympics Committee outlining the benefits of doing business with Chicago Gangsters, Thugs and Political Hacks.

3. Demonstrate your high quality skills and International Prestige by allowing the President of the United States of America to let his chosen city come in last in the judging.

Way to go, what an example you have set for all, Mr. POTUS Obamas the Impotent Pantywaiste! Truly a non-entity for all to observe.

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