Our Government is like a cheap computer.

My thought process has been subverted for many years by my occupation, computer building and repair services.

How can doing something cutting edge subvert your mental process, you ask??

Well, computers think in bits. A bit is either a 1 or a 0. There is no gray. Programs are the same way. They have no intelligence, no thought of their own. They only react to user input. Too many of us have been exposed to computers for so long that we have begun to not think, but to just react to the stream of ones and zeros that flow constantly into our brain.

The difference between good computers and bad computers, or good software and bad software, can be defined by 2 criteria.

1. How fast does it respond.
2. It the response in keeping with accurate interpretation of the 1’s and 0’s you send it, or is garbage generated.

Government is like a cheap computer with lousy software. It takes forever to process anything, then outputs garbage. It also requires constant and expensive upgrades to put out more and more garbage faster and faster.

Free people are the creators of the computer and the software. Also, we free people are the creators of our government. Therefore, we have no obligation to be beholding to either.


Start at one end of the government system. Look at every public office, and see who occupies the office and who can run against them. Require the incumbent and any aspirant to ALL public office, be it President, Mayor, Dog Catcher or School Board, to take a sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, including Amendments, and to further take an oath to repeal or change all Federal, State, Local and District laws that conflict with or would be in violation of the Constitution of the United States, viewed from our founders’ intent, not from an activist judge’s point of view. Further more, they must sign a pledge to work to ferrite out and stop government corruption, bribery and pork barrel spending

Any incumbent who will not pledge the above, should be immediately removed from consideration for any position other than “Early Retirement.” Any candidate for any public office, no matter how lowly or how high, who will not pledge the above, cannot be even considered for office.

Party affiliation does not count. Incumbency does not count. Only a strong commitment to work diligently on behalf of the voters to return as much of our freedom as possible, while striving to stomp out government corruption, bribery and pork barrel spending should get our votes.


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