It must be working.

POTUS Obamus keeps telling everyone the Stimulus Package is working. It must be working exactly as he planned, as evidenced by the following items:

  1. Unemployment reaches 26-year high.
  2. Workers comp benefits are set to expire for 1.2 million unemployed workers this month.
  3. Our current national debt is about 4 to 5 times the amount it was when He took office
  4. POTUS Obamus to now recruit school children to support him.
  5. Thousands of people have been notified by lenders that if they don’t get their mortgage payments back on track, the next step will be foreclosure.
  6. Property values are at the lowest level in several years.
  7. Retail sales suck.

His stimulus plan for sharing the wealth through trickle-up poverty is definitely working.

To assist his wealth reduction efforts, I encourage all of you to immediately donate all your wealth and money to the government. Just think of all the bureaucrats and czars that will become unemployed because all goals will have been accomplished.

What a wonderful windfall that will leave for more government-owned private jets for your congress person to ride in. Just think how much more the POTUS will have to spend on his little getaways and Friday Night Dates. And, since he won’t have to spend any more time worrying about taking all our wealth and giving it to the Chinese money lenders, he can spend even more time traveling to exciting foreign destinations and telling all how bad and evil America is.

Seen on a sign yesterday: “Kenya raises great long-distance runners and lousy presidents.”


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