In my current newsletter from that non-democratic group,, they are taking credit for forcing the Department of Labor to release a report listing goods produced by child and forced labor around the world. The actual report can be found here:

What a useless piece of work, and a total waste of our Tax Payer dollars. Of what use is it to know that many industries in many countries, which are often home-based and depend on the entire family pitching in with chores, are accused by our Government of using forced child labor? I am certain that the United States Of America should be on the list for farm products, as any family farm that assigns duties (chores) to family members would cause the DoL to list virtually all food products produced in the USA as being produced by forced child labor.

Once again, has demonstrated a complete absence of common sense, social responsibility, or any focus of important or critical issues for the success of our continued freedom and responsible government management within the framework of our Constitution.

I urge all to subscribe to this useless organization’s newsletter, only so that you can inform your congressman and senators to be on the lookout for the falsely generated “do it now” liberal panic legislation demands these idiots place on our legislators.


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