Bumper Sticker President

Listening to our POTUS speak just drives home again and again and again that he has no plan. He has an empty bag. He has no vision of our future beyond “we ain’t doin’ that anymore”

Change, yes. Hope, not now. And nothing to believe in because his whole plan is to paste a bumper sticker on my TV:

Change You can Believe In
Health Care NOW
Clean Energy
etc ad nauseum.

1. No health plan, only stuff the socialists he supports dug out of the desk drawer.

2. Pork and old political payoffs called Stimulus.

3. Collect tax on energy, really regressive, Mr. Bumper Sticker President

Now, you want to create your own education plan? Let’s see, you can call it Read My Sticker.

Time to go back to whatever hole you crawled out of, Mr. Bumper Sticker President with an empty plastic bag.


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