yumm, yumm, yumm B-rock Hussein NOBama

I think our POTUS Obamus the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey needs to get Senior Citizens involved in worshiping the ground he wants to bury them in. His minions, certainly operating under his Omni (oops, I mean Im) potent direction are busy brainwashing our children. What a waste of time. Everyone knows they can’t vote now that Acorn is being discredited!

Lest you accuse me of making up Honorary Titles for our POTUS, here are the original sources.
Obama the Impotent
President Pantywaist Surrender Monkey

Our Government is like a cheap computer.

My thought process has been subverted for many years by my occupation, computer building and repair services.

How can doing something cutting edge subvert your mental process, you ask??

Well, computers think in bits. A bit is either a 1 or a 0. There is no gray. Programs are the same way. They have no intelligence, no thought of their own. They only react to user input. Too many of us have been exposed to computers for so long that we have begun to not think, but to just react to the stream of ones and zeros that flow constantly into our brain.

The difference between good computers and bad computers, or good software and bad software, can be defined by 2 criteria.

1. How fast does it respond.
2. It the response in keeping with accurate interpretation of the 1’s and 0’s you send it, or is garbage generated.

Government is like a cheap computer with lousy software. It takes forever to process anything, then outputs garbage. It also requires constant and expensive upgrades to put out more and more garbage faster and faster.

Free people are the creators of the computer and the software. Also, we free people are the creators of our government. Therefore, we have no obligation to be beholding to either.


Start at one end of the government system. Look at every public office, and see who occupies the office and who can run against them. Require the incumbent and any aspirant to ALL public office, be it President, Mayor, Dog Catcher or School Board, to take a sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, including Amendments, and to further take an oath to repeal or change all Federal, State, Local and District laws that conflict with or would be in violation of the Constitution of the United States, viewed from our founders’ intent, not from an activist judge’s point of view. Further more, they must sign a pledge to work to ferrite out and stop government corruption, bribery and pork barrel spending

Any incumbent who will not pledge the above, should be immediately removed from consideration for any position other than “Early Retirement.” Any candidate for any public office, no matter how lowly or how high, who will not pledge the above, cannot be even considered for office.

Party affiliation does not count. Incumbency does not count. Only a strong commitment to work diligently on behalf of the voters to return as much of our freedom as possible, while striving to stomp out government corruption, bribery and pork barrel spending should get our votes.


ad hominum attacks by monsters

Dick Morris, author of some great best-selling books, and a Fox News Pay-per-View regular, must have stayed up late last night writing my title for this piece. Looks like even House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) thinks Dick is Number One!

I searched and searched for some pictures of my favorite dimocrats, and found one. Here is a Nancy Pelosi Action Doll, complete with her own water board. (you can find your favorite at http://herobuilders.com/)

Oh! I almost forgot, the title “ad hominum attacks by monsters”. That’s what the Dimocrats think of all you wonderful people attending Tea Parties, Marching on Washington in peaceful protest, and, most importantly, sending all those Wonderful Politicians their Pink Slips.

Keep the pressure on. We WILL win this war!


I Hava a Plan

Mr. POTUS Obamus the Impotent, and by some called “President Pantywaist” Finally has a plan.

Gee, Mr. POTUS, do you have a plan or solution for Afghanistan? “No. not yet.”

Gee, Mr. POTUS, do you have a solution or plan to deal with Iran? “No, not yet.”

Gee, Mr. POTUS, do you have a solution for our economy that will work? “As I have always said, No, No, and Mo’ No.”

Gee, Mr. Potus, what is your solution for the problems our people face at home and our Country faces over seas? “Simple. I will personally fly over to ask the Olympics Committee to send the 2016 Olympics to Chicago. Am I great, or What????”

Gee, Mr. POTUS, I think that really is a “WHAT”


Scandal, Scandal, Scandal

Every day, ACORN gets stuck in our face for something new.

Voter registration scandal.
founder’s brother steals a million dollars.
More voter scandal.
Telling all who will listen how to cheat the government.
now, diverting taxpayer money to help low income people, using it instead to fund political campaigns.

Just how much crap are we supposed to take from Acorn and Obama the Impotent?


Obama the Impotent

Not many are left of the UK Guardian. Even they describe our POTUS as Obama the Impotent.

Not much left to say after that! Who else in our country gets up everyday before the public and spouts empty platitudes and lies.

Di you hear him at the United Nations? The UN weather administrator, you know, the guy over there that pushes global warming as a full time job, said we are in for a few years of cooler weather. Your POTUS then told everyone they didn’t need arms, as we would be starving and the polar caps will be melted from global warming.

Hoooo Haaaa. The king has no clothes.


Bats, Rats and Politicians

Bats and certain politicians have a lot in common. Notice the family resemblance in the photo to certain of our “beloved house leaders”.

Even more striking are descriptions found in bat lore, proving once again that “blood suckers” can apply to politicians also.

1. They are loathsome rodents who perform no useful services for us.

2. They fly about at night searching for human prey.

3. They get tangled in your hair.

4. An undead being who subsists on humans.

5. Drinks blood as it’s source of food.


Bumper Sticker President

Listening to our POTUS speak just drives home again and again and again that he has no plan. He has an empty bag. He has no vision of our future beyond “we ain’t doin’ that anymore”

Change, yes. Hope, not now. And nothing to believe in because his whole plan is to paste a bumper sticker on my TV:

Change You can Believe In
Health Care NOW
Clean Energy
etc ad nauseum.

1. No health plan, only stuff the socialists he supports dug out of the desk drawer.

2. Pork and old political payoffs called Stimulus.

3. Collect tax on energy, really regressive, Mr. Bumper Sticker President

Now, you want to create your own education plan? Let’s see, you can call it Read My Sticker.

Time to go back to whatever hole you crawled out of, Mr. Bumper Sticker President with an empty plastic bag.


Change.org Nonsense

In my current newsletter from that non-democratic group, Change.org, they are taking credit for forcing the Department of Labor to release a report listing goods produced by child and forced labor around the world. The actual report can be found here:

What a useless piece of work, and a total waste of our Tax Payer dollars. Of what use is it to know that many industries in many countries, which are often home-based and depend on the entire family pitching in with chores, are accused by our Government of using forced child labor? I am certain that the United States Of America should be on the list for farm products, as any family farm that assigns duties (chores) to family members would cause the DoL to list virtually all food products produced in the USA as being produced by forced child labor.

Once again, Change.org has demonstrated a complete absence of common sense, social responsibility, or any focus of important or critical issues for the success of our continued freedom and responsible government management within the framework of our Constitution.

I urge all to subscribe to this useless organization’s newsletter, only so that you can inform your congressman and senators to be on the lookout for the falsely generated “do it now” liberal panic legislation demands these idiots place on our legislators.